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Special items

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There are only four Special items in the game, but they serve very important purposes.

Jump BootsEdit

These boots let Young jump by pressing X on the keyboard. This allows him to jump over holes and other obstacles in his path.

To obtain the Jump Boots, go to the lake area. From the Nexus waypoint, go left twice and talk to Miao the cat. He will now follow you, so lead him:

  1. Right
  2. Right
  3. Right
  4. Up

Talk to Orange Fish. Obtain the cardboard box from him, then take it to the merchant by going down twice. Trade with the merchant to gain biking shoes, which should be taken to Mitra by going left twice. Mitra will give you the Jump Boots.

Should you fail to acquire the boots before reaching the cliffs area, Mitra will automatically give you the boots. The trading sequence will then result in a health refill instead.


Unlike the Jump boots, the keys are fairly easy to acquire. The keys open special gates throughout the land of Anodyne.

Green KeyEdit

Simply defeat the boss of the Temple.

Red KeyEdit

Simply defeat the boss of the red sea dungeon.

Blue KeyEdit

Simply defeat the boss of the cliffs dungeon.


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