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Main-game cards are a group of items that Young comes across in his travels through the world of Anodyne. They serve the primary purpose of opening card gates, all of which require a certain number of cards to open. There are 48 spots for cards in Young's inventory, however it has been said there may be as many as 50 total in the world.

As an inventory item, each card reveals little details about the given card's subject.

This set contains only the 37 cards that can be accessed before the end of the main game.

Cards are designated by their location in the game's menu, such a Page 1 Row 1 Card 1, or by the location in the game world. The titles are not official names.

By Page[edit | edit source]

Page 1[edit | edit source]

Paranoid man card Bat card Stone face card
Iron mask card Red slime card Wall shooter card
Two corpses card Pyromaniac card Silverfish card
Exterminator card Mitra on wares card Miao the cat card

Page 2[edit | edit source]

Windmill card Mushroom card Dog card
Rock card Fisherman card Tree Walker card
Armored buddy card Blue reaper card Red face card
Zombie card Flame pillar card Three acrobats card

Page 3[edit | edit source]

Lion card Twin acrobats card Frog card
Random man card Blue hand card Black cube king card
Orange cube king card Evil maid card Spike trap card
Pollen spitter card Seeing one card Sage card

Page 4[edit | edit source]

Orange fish card

By Card[edit | edit source]

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By Location[edit | edit source]

Blue Forest[edit | edit source]

Black and White Town[edit | edit source]

Lake Area[edit | edit source]

Rainy forest[edit | edit source]

Green forest[edit | edit source]

Cliffs[edit | edit source]

Beach[edit | edit source]

Red sea[edit | edit source]

8-bit maze[edit | edit source]

Acrobat dungeon[edit | edit source]

Cube king area[edit | edit source]

Hotel dungeon[edit | edit source]

Bridge[edit | edit source]

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